Chemical reassessment programme

Our chemical reassessment programme reviews hazardous substances that are approved for use in New Zealand.

About the programme

We review the hazardous substances that are already approved in New Zealand.

Prioritising chemicals for reassessment

We identify and prioritise the chemicals we believe are most in need of review here in New Zealand.

The reassessment process

We follow a process to reassess hazardous substances. Find out what happens here.

Apply for a reassessment or amendment

Anyone can apply for a reassessment of - or request an amendment to - the existing approval for a hazardous substance. We explain the process here.

The chemicals being reassessed

The following chemicals are being reassessed. Find out which chemicals, and how to be involved by making a submission or attending a hearing.

Completed reassessments

This page has information about the chemical approvals we have reassessed. Older reassessments are grouped by year, and listed alphabetically.

Amendments to approvals

This page has information about completed amendments to hazardous substance approvals.